Likemetric - UI UX Design

Likemetric, the ultimate feedback solution for businesses!

Numbers that seal the deal


Over the past 5 years, I’ve worked with more than 40 companies.


Clients have consistently rated me 5/5, except one Brett.


Generated from clients with the help of design uplifts and new launches.


LikeMetric helps you turn reactions into profitable actions. Transform your business with real-time customer insights.

My Role

Here is an overview of my role, tools used and timeline involved in designing the SaaS product.

  • Design Strategy and User Flows
  • Lowfi Wireframes and Brand Identity
  • Visual Designs and Design System
  • I used Figma for design and delivery for Product Design.
  • I used Illustrator for Brand Design and Mockups.

Full Case Study From Start To End of Project.

Here is the final product below! Open for new projects which are challenging and impactful.